Program Update 2/11/2020:

2020 Season Stars March 2nd!  Kick-off meeting is in the books.

Need: Golf bag sponsorship

The 2019 season concluded with a 4th for the second year in a row.  The senior trio of Walton, Tobias and Allen led the team.

 CCS has 10 young men on the high school roster.  In its inaugural season, Jr. High program has 11 learning the game. 

   The team has been blessed with too many people to list:  prayer, van rental, uniforms, clubs, balls,  Cougar Classic sponsorship, golf bags, snacks, photography, tournament marker, lessons, practice facility, green fees, faculty support and more!  Special Thanks:

Jason Hett - CCS AD For a great schedule & organization

Coach Frank Edwards - donating his time & expertise

Coach Joe Miller - donating his time & expertise  

Coach Walton - catalyst behind Jr. High Golf

Mary Kate Blankenship - being a Super Fan 

Willowbrook community - donating course for the Classic

Past & current players - taking the risk to be humbled

All glory to our Lord & Savior!


Team Mascot

Not many people know, but Champ's favorite & best sport is golf. In fact, one of his many accomplishments was a 74th place finish in the 1948 Kitty Classic Golf Tournament!  He was later DQ'd for riding in a golf cart.

* Gratitude to KT Photography & Chris Blankenship ('15-'18)


Team Unity

Team cheering on Unruh in a playoff.  Regionals - 2018.

* Nation did win the playoff #powerofteam

Making an Entrance

Conner coming out of....the bush

2019 Results - Final



2018 was a good season were the boys improved throughout the year.

Embers, Unruh, Walton, Allen, Tobias & Sam

HOPL Champs - 2018


Regional Champs - 2018

Sam, Conner, Allen, Tobias, Embers, Devin, Unruh, Walton


Highest ranking in school history

Regionals Monday, followed by State!


2019 HOPL/WSL Champs

Conner, Hamby, Dawson, Tobias, Zane and Walton


2019 4th Place @ State

2nd Place @ Regionals

Community Service

Community Service

Community Service


Team picking up burnt golf balls at PDCC - 2018

1A Kansas Golf

Community Service

Community Service


Only in Kansas can you get a good view from your truck! Stafford - 2018

Spring Golf

Community Service

Life Lessons


Nickerson Invitational @ Crazy Horse - 2019

Life Lessons

Cougar Classic

Life Lessons


The team knows this as "don't be peeky weeky"


Cougar Classic

Cougar Classic


Conner staring it down at State - 2018

His motto is: if you aim at nothing, you'll probably hit it!

Cougar Classic

Cougar Classic

Cougar Classic


3rd Annual Classic Champs: Bolin, Paulsrud, Barnes & Kraefels - 2018

Roster - 2019



Ever get this view playing MineCraft?


State - Sugar Hills GC, Goodland - 2017

2017 - 9th

2018 - 4th

2019 - TBD


Parting thought:

If you aim at nothing, you'll probably hit it.

Cart path

Tobias at Crazy Horse - 2019

Walton for birdie - State 2019