Executive Team

Bob Peel
President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Bart Kooiman
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Darren Barnes
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Heather Turner

Christina Byard
HR Manager

Customer Service Command Center

Facility Leads

Thomias Jackson

Facility Leader (Warehouse 1)


Ethan Harris

Facility Leader (Warehouse 2)


Teresa Hanson

Facility Leader (Warehouse 3)


Chandell Hayden

Facility Leader (Warehouse 5)


Jamie Watkins

Facility Leader (Warehouse 6)


David Ochs

Safety and Buildings/Grounds Manager



F1 –  1125 E 4th Ave ( Home Office)
F2  –  1101 Alcoa Drive
F3  –  3201 E 11th
F4 – 3500 E Ave G
F5  – 1403 E 11th Ave
F6 – 1529 E 17th Ave

The Team

1st induction into the Wall of Fame….       Mike Schnider!!!!  The man, the myth….the legend!

Terry was an important team member for Bold and Peel’s for over 30 years. Terry will be missed by all.

Darren – 9:54pm February 19, 2019

(someone had to take the picture)

Darren & the mayor at Ribbon Cutting – 2013

Shay Hoelscher CEO/Owner

privé products with Bart – Beauty Industry Report – March 2019


New facility at 17th & 61

October 2021 – with purchase of Target store,

Bold is able to continue growth.

Mid-America Workforce Summit

Sharing the Boys & Girls Club Epic Skills

program – Topeka, KS

The Historian

Not may 3PL’s have a historian, but Bold does.

Bob Graves is Bold’s official historian.  Did we

mention this position is unpaid?

Solar added

Cael wanted to see the 213 solar panels on

17th Ave warehouse.  We waited till a calm day!

A Long, long time ago...

Why is Bart shrink wrapped?

Answer: Bob and Darren couldn’t find the duct tape

Where it all started

In 2012, Bold started with …….copper thievery!


Getting ready to break ground on Bold 3PL on Alcoa Drive 


Bob keeping Darren & Bart in line

2018 Christmas

Compounding logistic elements for your success.

2019 Christmas

To Infinity & Beyond!

2020 Christmas

Will Lucy pull away the ball on Charlie Brown?

2021 Christmas

The addition of F6

2022 Christmas